Water and climate change. 


Every year on the 22 March, we mark World Water Day – an opportunity to highlight the WASH challenges around the world and our collective efforts to address these issues. This year, the focus is on climate change. Have a look at our video to understand how climate change and water are inextricably linked !


Red Cross and Red Crescent societies around the world are already working with communities to better understand the impacts of the climate crisis on water resources – and to take steps now to prepare for these risks.

The Swiss Red Cross in Bangladesh, together with local partners and Government organisations implement Integrated Water Resource Management solutions in water scarce and climate change affected regions of upper and lower Barind tract in Bangladesh. Through nine different types of irrigation and drinking water systems, more than 280’000 beneficiaries received access to sufficient water while reducing ground water depletion. The interventions were found to  leaving the  ground water resources and availability of surface water relatively stable, thus reducing the vulnerability of ground water to excessive extraction.

Ghana Red Cross in partnership with IFRC are bringing clean Water to the communities, using solar-pumping technology, drilling boreholes, replacing broken hand pumps, creating cashless Water systems and constructing sanitation facilities  in communities and schools.  Adopting climate-smart solutions is transforming life’s and  enabling vulnerable communities in Ghana to thrive and prosper. Simply by creating access to clean Water , sanitation and hygiene, restores time, health and access to education. With less time devoted to fetching water from distant unsafe sources women have more time to dedicate to their families and improve the livelihoods.