Join in the celebration across the airwaves on 13 February 2018

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Radio is a vital tool in the work of the Red Cross and Red Crescent. It is a medium that is used worldwide, dynamic and engaging in nature, allowing us to communicate and reach a wide audience. Aside from using radio in coordinating response during a disaster and sharing life-saving, actionable and useful information with communities, we work with radio as a platform to listen and provide channels for open discussions and feedback. We want to bring communities together and use their diverse voices to influence positive change and enable them to define their own solutions together.

World Radio Day – 13 February – is a chance to highlight some of the ways we are using this old technology to do new things.

Radio and the Red Cross and Red Crescent

In Pictures: Hello Red Crescent – We Listen to You

Bangladesh Red Crescent Society’s live community radio show provides people with useful information related to their recovery and development, and the opportunity to ask questions. With this approach, the Hello Red Crescent show can reach people where access to information is a challenge and promotes dialogue with disaster-affected communities and more effective partnerships. The show allows people to share experiences and discuss their needs with the Red Crescent and other stakeholders.