International Volunteer Day 2017

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Bali, Indonesia

Volunteers and staff of the Indonesian Red Cross branch in Bali are providing essential services at the evacuation sites including setting up emergency shelters, building toilets, providing sanitation and hygiene promotion, psychosocial support, health promotion and first aid, as well as distributing relief goods.

Freetown, Sierra Leone

Isha Wilson-Clarke (left), 39, is a psychosocial support volunteer with the Sierra Leone Red Cross Society. She responded during the Ebola outbreak and now the recent mudslides, helping survivors cope with the trauma they are experiencing.

Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

Tarniz Sultana Sweety, volunteer from the Bangladesh Red Crescent Society, during a tarpaulin distribution for thousands of migrants living in Ukhiya, Cox’s Bazar district, south eastern Bangladesh.

Kaikoura, New Zealand

Red Cross water and sanitation delegate Yee Chen at a mobile hand washing station Red Cross has built at a local primary school where thereís no potable drinking water and water can’t go down the drains. The magnitude 7.8 quake on November 14 left thousands of people in central New Zealand without basic infrastructure and hundreds without housing.


Red Crescent volunteers in northern Iraq and Iran are providing urgent search and rescue and first aid to victims of the devastating 7.3 magnitude earthquake that recently shook the region. According to Red Crescent Society of the Islamic Republic of Iran, at least 328 people have been killed and 3950 injured. In Iraq, the Iraqi Red Crescent report that 9 people have been killed and more than 425 injured.


Tadelech Gontena is a volunteer with the Ethiopian Red Cross Society. She walks hours to collect wood which she then sells at market. Despite being affected by the regional drought, she is volunteering with Red Cross, assisting in the distribution of water and organizing communities.

Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

Lisa Akero, FACT PSS, and Bangladesh Red Crescent volunteer Iqbal Hakim Evan, explain how to avoid spreading germs by washing hands and covering your mouth when coughing, as part of youth outreach at the transit camp in Bangladesh.

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