Reaching the hardest to reach

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If you are interested in carrying out Red Cross Red Crescent voluntary work, please contact the Red Cross or Red Crescent Society in your country to ask them about the volunteering opportunities. To find the contact details, please select here the region in which you live and then scroll down to find your country:

Asia and Pacific
Middle East and North Africa

You can make a difference! Each National Society works with and through its volunteers in a variety of service areas, depending on the needs of their communities. These activities can include tackling challenges such as migration, violence in communities, health challenges including HIV and AIDS to name but a few. You can make a difference in the lives of those in your community who are of the greatest need — volunteer, get involved!

Land Rover and IFRC have been working together to save lives and transform communities since 1954, when the British Red Cross first created the partnership.

Since then, we’ve helped more than a million people in 25 countries across four continents – a journey that would not have been possible without the bravery, kindness and enthusiasm of Red Cross and Red Crescent volunteers.

To mark the release of the World Disasters Report 2018, Land Rover and the IFRC have released a film about the life-changing threats of natural hazards and the humanitarian work to help vulnerable people in isolated communities.

Natural disasters can strike at any time, so Land Rover and the Red Cross are helping people in remote areas to prepare for the worst.

Such support has never been more important: the World Disasters Report 2018 estimates 134 million people will need humanitarian assistance this year. The report says challenging terrain, limited infrastructure, conflicts and natural hazards can all make it hard to get help to where it’s needed.