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Supporting the future of Syria and the region

Thank you for the floor, and thank you to our hosts the European Union and to the United Nations for organizing this important conference, and for all that they are doing on the ground in Syria. Colleagues, I confess I am weary at saying the same things to you as I said here almost exactly a year ago, on 5 April 2017. But my weariness is nothing compared to the weariness of the people of Syria, which I encounter in the daily exercise of my work in the country. “Help us. Help this fighting to stop. Help us return to lead our normal, decent, dignified lives.” We were quite moved by Fahra’s message here this morning. There are also a series of video messages that our Red Crescent volunteers recorded in Syria just last week. We in this conference should take good note of them. They provide extraordinarily eloquent testimony to human decency and resilience in the face of appalling suffering. They call for more help – and they show the results of the help we have given. Because for all the continued suffering in Syria, the fact is that there are signs of hope in that country. It’s why the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, in support of our dedicated colleagues from the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, along with other member National Societies, and...

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Red Cross responds as floods displace more than 210,000 people across Kenya

Nairobi/Geneva, 25 April 2018 – The Kenya Red Cross Society is providing emergency relief to thousands of people impacted by rising flood waters that continue to wreak havoc in many parts of Kenya. Since torrential rains started last month, homes and farms have been destroyed, livestock has been lost and roads and other infrastructure have been washed away. More than 210,000 people have been forced to flee their homes. “With heavy rainfall persisting, the flood waters will continue to pose a risk for thousands of people across the country. Our staff and volunteers are working around the clock to ensure families in high-risk areas of the country are being evacuated to higher ground,” said Abbas Gullet, Kenya Red Cross Society Secretary General. Kenya Red Cross Society is conducting search and rescue efforts, evacuating families in high-risk areas, providing basic health services and emergency shelter while delivering essential supplies like household items and water and sanitation in evacuation centres. “The floods have been unforgiving. Many people have already lost their lives, homes and livelihoods,” says Gullet. “The situation remains dire – Red Cross is doing what it can but there is much more to be done.” Kenya Red Cross Society has supported a total of 5,000 families with emergency shelter and household items.  Response efforts continue across the most affected areas of the country, including Tana River, Kisumu, Taita Taveta,...

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Florence Call for Action final report

This report is based on the feedback that National Societies submitted on the Florence Call for Action, highlighting up to three activities related to the topics of Migration, Social Aspects and Volunteering.

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IFRC and Syrian Arab Red Crescent appeal for increased support ahead of Brussels pledging conference for Syria

Damascus/Beirut/Geneva, 23 April 2018 – As the humanitarian catastrophe in Syria continues into its 8th year, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) are appealing for increased support for people affected by the crisis. This plea comes as Governments and international organizations gather for the Second Brussels Conference on supporting the future of Syria and the region. In recent months, fighting has displaced tens of thousands of people from Afrin and Eastern Ghouta where SARC has led a large-scale emergency response for more than 340,000 people fleeing the besieged areas. “This conflict continues to devastate communities, and to plunge to new depths of inhumanity,” said Elhadj As Sy, Secretary General of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), who is attending the Brussels Conference. SARC is the main humanitarian actor in Syria, and in 2017 provided recurrent emergency and other forms of assistance to about 5 million Syrians. Demands for Red Crescent services continue to grow. In areas that are newly accessible, there is often a total lack of basic services. In such areas, SARC is often the only organization able to operate, and is tasked with restoring basic services such as water, bakeries and health services. These services are critical to promoting peace and bringing a sense of normality back to daily lives....

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Red Cross warns surge in women and children arriving in Greece could spark emergency close to land border with Turkey

Budapest/Geneva, 20 April 2018 – The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) is warning that a sharp rise in the number of people arriving in Greece from Turkey could signal the start of a summer emergency. More than 1,000 people have made the dangerous journey by foot from western Turkey to north east Greece, crossing the major Evros river, since March. More than 100 people have arrived every day this week. Head of the IFRC in Greece, Ruben Cano, said: “We’re seeing a significant increase in the number of people making this long and dangerous journey across a river and the majority are women and children. “There are pregnant women and elderly people among those attempting to cross. And if they do make it, they arrive exhausted and with almost nothing. “This is not the route most people take to reach Greece – it’s a worrying development. The summer will see river levels drop which could also lead to a further rise in people braving the journey.” The Hellenic Red Cross and IFRC are preparing to provide essential supplies like sleeping bags, blankets and nappies for babies and young children. When people arrive in the Evros area of Greece, the nearest medical centre is 35 km away while the nearest hospital is 150km. The closest official registration centre, in nearby Fylakio, is already overwhelmed which...

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