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Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma is proving to be one of the most destructive storms in recent Caribbean history. It has already impacted communities in more than a dozen Caribbean nations and Island territories.

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IFRC warns of serious health risks as extreme heatwave sweeps across Europe

Budapest / Geneva, 4 August 2017 — Hundreds of Red Cross volunteers are on the ground in towns, cities and beaches as record temperatures sweep much of southern and central Europe. According to weather reports, south and central Europe are experiencing the highest August temperatures in more than a decade.  The Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre in the Netherlands says this is indicative of a trend that has seen hotter summers become more common. Countries including Austria, Croatia, Italy, Hungary, Serbia, and Spain are seeing temperatures climb to up to 42 degrees Celsius in some places this week. Volunteers across Europe have been visiting vulnerable people including those who are homeless and older people who are especially at risk during the hot weather. In France, teams have been distributing water to people sleeping rough in cities and providing information, advice and door-to-door checks on elderly and isolated people. Health coordinator for the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) in Europe, Dr Jeya Kulasingam urged people to take extra care during the heatwave: “This prolonged period of extremely hot weather is particular dangerous for people with existing health problems such heart conditions, high blood pressure and asthma, as well as older people and children. “It is vital that people stay hydrated and drink plenty of water, keep out of the sun and avoid over-exertion.” It...

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Caux Forum, ‘Towards an inclusive peace – tackling different forms of violent extremism’

** 1 ** Introduction: ‘peace’, ‘inclusive peace’, ‘violent extremism’ Dear colleagues, dear Barbara, thank you for this invitation to join you today. The Caux Forum and Initiatives for Change does remarkable work.  I recall your mediation work in the Middle East, in the Balkans, in Sierra Leone and much more.  You are an important member of the community of carers, the community of peacemakers, and I salute you for your work. You have assembled a remarkable gathering today: I see every bit as much expertise in the audience as I do here on the panel. The title of our debate today is ‘Towards an inclusive peace – tackling different forms of violent extremism’ – it gives us more than enough to think about. So first, let’s reflect on the word ‘peace’. On the one hand, ‘peace’ as an absence of violent conflict, and on the other hand, ‘peace’ as a sense of fundamental well-being, knowledge and equilibrium. The quickest glance at the news tells us that the world is not at peace, and the quickest glance at history books teaches us more about war than peace. For all the relative calmness and progress of the second half of the 20th Century and the early years of the 21st, we still see a world that is hurting due to increased fragility – fragility that is globalising at the pace of...

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About the IFRC

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies is the world's largest humanitarian network and is guided by seven Fundamental Principles: Humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntary service, universality and unity.