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More children are being immunized than ever before, but the last mile still needs our attention. In the past decade, several challenges have limited the full life-saving impact of vaccines.


As its core mandate, RCRC prioritizes healthy and resilient communities. Life course immunization is the foundation of healthy communities.


RCRC immunization work is global. Projects utilize tailored approaches that are community driven and context specific.

Partnerships & Advocacy

Explore IFRC’s global engagements and collaborations. IFRC works with partners to develop policies, coordinate implementation, and amplify RCRC involvement.

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Document & Resource Library

Utilize the Social Mobilization Toolkit for Vaccination Activities, CBHFA Immunization module, a list of helpful links, and more!

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Case Studies

Take a deeper dive into the work of National Societies. RCRC provides immunization through diverse and innovative interventions, that are tailored to the needs of communities served.

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