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More climate-related disasters means the IFRC and our National Societies have been busy adapting to the climate crisis and responding to disasters. The IFRC is declaring the climate crisis a dire humanitarian emergency and we need more volunteers to respond to this emergency.

What does it mean to be a ‘volunteer’ for climate change?
Volunteer With Your National Society

Individuals can opt to volunteer in the traditional route of signing up to volunteer with their national society.

Use Our Youth Action Kit

We’re developing a kit for students to use in their schools. Youth can volunteer by taking concrete action in their schools.

Make a Vital Behavior Change

Individuals can choose to make one important behavior change that will be critical in curbing climate change.

Two Ways To Get Involved
Stories of Solutions

We’re asking organizations with innovative adaptation measures to climate change to join the campaign by sharing their stories.

Recruit Volunteers

Make the call to ask people to become volunteers at the individual, local or country level. Ask your social media following or your staff - spread the word and ask everyone to become a volunteer.

Campaign toolkit
Faces of Climate Change: Campaign toolkit
Starting this September - we are asking people around the world to step up, volunteer their time and spread the word. Your action will have an effect on everyone around you. Will you add yourself to the #FacesOfClimateChange?
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