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Become a climate activist!

The climate has changed and the risks are rising: now we need to rise up too. The climate crisis is not something that will happen in the future. It is happening right now, so we need to act right now. Will you join us?

Make a vital behaviour change

Change begins with you! Chances are that if you’re reading this page, you’re interested in doing something – but you might not know where to begin. Great news: we’ve boiled down concrete actions you can take as an individual to end the climate crisis.

Volunteer with your local Red Cross or Red Crescent society

Much of the work our humanitarian organization does is either directly or indirectly affected by the climate crisis.

If you volunteer with your local Red Cross or Red Crescent, you are volunteering to end the climate crisis!

Climate change reports
The cost of doing nothing
How many people could be in need of humanitarian support following climate-related disasters by 2030 and 2050 if the world does not urgently invest in climate adaptation measures today? And what could the financial cost be for governments and donors supporting an already overstretched humanitarian system?
Heatwave guide for cities
Heatwaves are deadly and their impacts are on the rise globally due to the climate crisis. This practical guide is designed with, and for, people working in city government to understand, reduce the risk of, and respond to, heatwaves in their cities.

I will organise a tree planting group!

I pledge to reuse or recycle before buying new!

I will eliminate single-use plastic for 1 week!

I will eliminate single-use plastic for 1 month!

I will develop a disaster plan!

I will check on my neighbours in severe weather!

I will go 1 week without meat!

I will go 1 month without meat!

I will ask my local leaders to go green!

I will get trained in first aid!

I will donate to a disaster fund!

I will organise a beach or park clean-up!

I will bike to work every day for 1 week!

I will bike to work every day for 1 month!

I will sign up for extreme weather alerts to be informed!

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