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Enhanced Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment

The “Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment” is a long-standing approach of the Red Cross Red Crescent (RCRC) better known by its acronym “VCA”. It is a participatory process developed for communities to become more resilient through the assessment and analysis of the risks they are facing and the identification of solutions to address these. It enables communities, with the support of the RCRC when needed, to explore where these risks come from, which members of the community will be the worst affected, what is available at all levels to reduce the risks, and what initiatives can be undertaken to strengthen the capacity of people at risk and reduce the risks they face.

The Enhanced VCA (or EVCA) is an improved step by step guidance on how to conduct participatory community risk assessments. It is an entry point to all RCRC community work.

For more information check the following sites:

EVCA Guidance and Toolbox

Access the platform for guidance, tools, and more

VCA / EVCA Repository

Click here to access (and add to!)

Road Map to Community Resilience

The Road Map to Community Resilience provides comprehensive step-by-step guidance on how to operationalize the IFRC Framework for Community Resilience (FCR). The EVCA is the assessment and analysis part of the Roadmap.

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Zurich Flood Resilience Alliance (ZFRA)

The Zurich Flood Resilience Alliance (ZFRA) was initiated by Zurich Insurance in 2013 and is a multi-sectoral partnership focusing on practical ways to help communities strengthen their resilience to flood risk. Currently, in its second phase that began in 2018, the Alliance consists of nine non-governmental and research organisations active in 20 countries. Its long-term vision is that floods will have no negative impact on the ability of people and businesses to thrive. 

Find out more on the brochure and web platform


The Flood Resilience Measurement for Communities (FRMC)

The Flood Resilience Measurement for Communities (FRMC) is a framework for measuring community flood resilience, with an associated process and tool for implementing the framework in practice. The framework consists of 44 indicators or ‘sources of resilience’ measured in normal/non-flood times and 29 post-flood variables measured after a flood occurs.

The Post-Event Review Capability (PERC)

The Post-Event Review Capability (PERC) is a systematic framework for the analysis of a disaster event, focusing on how a specific hazard event became a disaster. The PERC evaluates the successes and failures in the management of disaster risk prior to the event, disaster response and post-disaster recovery and then identifies future opportunities to reduce the risk posed by the occurrence of similar, future hazard events.

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