Media often presents a very negative image of African youth. Outside Africa we tend to imagine them as victims of conflicts or diseases, easy prey of political manipulation or recruitment by violent groups. It is true that violence, poverty and lack of opportunities are challenges for African youth. Yet, many decide to face these challenges with enthusiasm, commitment and joy. African youth reject violent, search for spaces where to make their voices heard, create new opportunities and contribute to peacebuilding. This book gathers many voices that speak about innovative projects and stories of personal and social transformation. Young feminists that promote sexual and reproductive rights, youth with disabilities that reject exclusion, young entrepreneurs that work to create better futures for their peers, young peacebuilders, activists that use social media to change reality… All of them are agents of change. In their energy, courage and creativity lies the hope of a whole continent.

Download: Youth in Africa, Agents of Change

Publication date: 30/01/2019

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