The ‘IFRC Roadmap on Technological and Biological (CBRN) Hazard Preparedness – Towards 2030: An enhanced multi-hazard approach’ invite National Societies and the IFRC Secretariat to reflect on the current status of Red Cross Red Crescent preparedness to meet emergencies in a multi-hazard environment – and how to move from the current focus on natural and climate-induced hazards to one which incorporates a wider range of hazards, and more specifically those linked to technological and biological (CBRN) disasters.

IFRC aims to have the necessary knowledge and expertise to respond to any kind of emergency – no matter how new, large, unexpected, or technologically complicated. For this reason, technological and biological (CBRN) hazards must be fully incorporated into IFRC’s multi-hazard approach to disasters, at all levels of the organization, and across all sectors.

Download: Technological and Biological Hazard Preparedness – Roadmap

Publication date: 30/11/2020

Document status: Final


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