Welcome to the protection, gender and inclusion (PGI) in emergencies toolkit!

This toolkit accompanies the IFRC Minimum standards on protection, gender and inclusions in emergencies (2018) and provides additional guidance to plan, implement and monitor those standards during an emergency response and recovery.

It is not intended that all tools will be used in each emergency response, rather this is a compendium of tools, which can be drawn on and adapted when required. The toolkit is organised in 4 chapters: 1. Overview, 2. Planning and assessment, 3. Implementation and 4. Monitoring, evaluation and reporting.

  • The appropriate level of PGI expertise for each tool is given in (round brackets) after each tool. The definition of these terms can be found in the Introduction.
  • The file format is given in [square brackets]. Some files are available as Word/Excel/Powerpoint for editing and adaptation to the local context.

1. Overview

This chapter provides a full overview of the purpose, functioning and contents of the PGI in emergencies toolkit


2. Planning and assessment

This chapter provides an overview and detailed tools to ensure planning and assessment incorporate PGI issues in sectors, and standalone. The tools will help you to ensure PGI considerations are well reflected through the Emergency Plan of Action (EPoA) and budget, collecting and managing PGI assessment data (including sex, age and disability disaggregated data), designing standalone or sectoral assessments and collect primary data though focus group discussions.

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3. Implementation

In emergency operations, it is important to ensure PGI Minimum Standards are mainstreamed in all active sectors. In addition, sometimes more specialised activities that protect people at risk of harm or exclusion are required.

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4. Monitoring, evaluation and reporting

The tools contained in this section provide guidance on Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting of PGI in Emergencies. These tools will help you to mainstream PGI into monitoring and evaluation processes, including designing indicators for PGI activities and guiding other sectors how to monitor PGI mainstreaming in their sector.

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Download: Protection, gender and inclusion in emergencies: toolkit

Publication date: 01/03/2020

Document status: Final