Workshop Report for the Legislating for Climate Smart Disaster Risk Management in the Pacific, 6 – 8 July. This three day workshop was held  in partnership with the Commonwealth Secretariat, the Pacific Island Forum Secretariat and IFRC, with financial support provide by Australian Red Cross and British Red Cross.

The workshop involved legislative drafters and disaster and climate practitioners from 12 Pacific countries, as well as partners from the UN, academia and the private sector.

In her opening remarks Dame Meg Taylor, Secretary General of the Pacific Island Forum Secretariat, identified this workshop as a practical step to support the translation for the Framework for Resilient Development in the Pacific (FRDP) and other international and regional commitments into national and local level law, policy and action in the  Pacific.

Download: Legislating for Climate Smart Disaster Risk Management in the Pacific – Workshop Report

Publication date: 08/08/2018

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Legislating For Climate Smart DRM in the Pacific

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