The International Federation Office in Beijing was initially set up as the East Asia Regional Delegation. The alignment of the International Federation structure that started in 2015, further evolved the Office into its present-day function as the Country Cluster Support Team (CCST) Beijing. The Office is part of the Asia Pacific Region and its main objective is to provide support to the National Societies of China, Mongolia, Japan and the Republic of Korea.

The CCST Beijing Operational Plan for 2016 focus areas were on disaster risk reduction, shelter, livelihood, health, water and sanitation, culture of non-violence and peace, social inclusion and migration. The main emergency appeals within the cluster included the Mongolia Extreme Winter Conditions with an operational budget of CHF979,346, that ended in February 2017.  The appeal was to support 32,981 individuals affected by the severe winter for a period spanning of 12 months with focus on community preparedness and risk reduction; nutrition and livelihood and food security.

As at the audit, the CCST Office in Beijing employed two international staff and eleven national staff. The Office 2016 Operational Plan budget was for CHF3.3million. The last internal audit of the Office was performed by the Office of Internal Audit and Investigations (OIAI) in September 2011.

Download: Internal audit of the Beijing country cluster support team

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