Strengthening community engagement and accountability is a Movement-wide responsibility. However, when something is everyone’s responsibility, it can quickly become no one’s responsibility.

This document takes the key actions from the Closing the gap: a strategy to strengthen community engagement and accountability in Africa 2020-2023 and presents them as a visual roadmap for each organization, outlining key milestones and who is responsible for meeting them.

These organizational ‘roadmaps’ are presented as a journey, with the actions likely to have the biggest impact first, followed by medium and then longer-term actions last. In reality, the journey to strengthen community engagement and accountability is not a linear process. The actions, who should lead on them and their level of priority will vary from organization to organization. Actions can just as effectively happen in a different order or simultaneously, depending on the context of each organization. Actions happening across the Movement at different levels will also reinforce the positive impact of one another.

These organizational roadmaps should be viewed as a way for each actor in the Movement to have, at a glance, an overview of some of the key actions they can take to institutionalize community engagement and accountability within their organization and contribute to overall stronger accountability within the Movement in Africa.

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