Cash transfer takes place on 30 November

On 30 November, 334,992,860 Turkish lira (TRY) was transferred to 1,808,312 individuals (318,827 households) living under temporary and international protection in Turkey. The cash transfer included the severe disability top-up of 6,404,400 TRY. The total amount of cash transfers since IFRC took over the ESSN in partnership with TRC is 2,364,356,600 TRY.

COVID-19 impacts lessened for ESSN recipients

Results of the post-distribution monitoring (PDM) 10, conducted from June to September 2020, indicate that while COVID-19 has put major stresses on refugees, those who receive ESSN assistance are employing fewer coping strategies compared to ineligible households. Summary of findings is on page 4.

Download: Emergency Social Safety Net (ESSN) Monthly Report: November 2020

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