April 2021 marked one year since launching the new partnership between TRC, IFRC, the Government of Turkey and the EU in implementing the world’s largest cash assistance programme. In the past year, the team successfully worked together to adapt to a complex context under an unprecedented global pandemic, continuing to provide cash assistance to 1.8 million people in need.

During the past year:

  • Two instalments of economic top-ups were provided to mitigate the negative impact of COVID-19.
  • The largest single cash transfer of 362 million TRY was made, including economic and disability top-ups.
  • Reached 16 million people across Europe and Turkey about EU’s contribution to ESSN through the #powertobe digital media campaign.
  • Adapted to a new operational context under a global pandemic, including changing our approach to engaging and responding to communities and gathering research.
Download: Emergency Social Safety Net (ESSN) Monthly Report: March 2021

Publication date: 15/04/2021

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