2020 ends with cash transfer to over 1.8 million individuals

On 31 December, 225,932,760 TRY was transferred to 1,828,788 individuals (322,521 households) living under temporary and international protection in Turkey. The cash transfer included the severe disability top-up of 6,478,200 TRY.

ESSN extended to March 2022

Thanks to the ongoing support of the EU, the phase III of the ESSN programme has been extended to March 2022. Households who fit the demographic criteria will continue to receive the assistance to help them cover their basic needs.

#powertobe: Four talented people regaining control of their lives as refugees

A digital campaign that connects inspiring and talented refugees supported by ESSN with influencers across Europe and Turkey launched in December. The #powertobe campaign highlights the passions and dreams of four young refugees – a singer, a cook, a football player and a parkour runner – who were uprooted by the war in their home countries but are regaining control of their lives in Turkey through ESSN cash assistance. Davud, Amal, Bilal and Hamad talk about their passions, dreams and challenges as they rebuild a new normalcy in Turkey through videos and photos. The four young refugees also met with the influencers in Turkey, Spain, France, Austria and Romania digitally and discuss their common passions in video messages, online calls and eye-level cell phone clips. The campaign #powertobe kicked off on December 8 in Austria, France, Romania, Spain, and Turkey in six languages.

Download: Emergency Social Safety Net (ESSN) Monthly Report: December 2020

Publication date: 13/01/2021

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