On 31 August 327,422,960 TRY was transferred to 1,770,580 individuals (311,430 households) living under temporary and international protection in Turkey. The transfer amount included the quarterly top-up of 107,804,600 TRY, which is transferred every three months to eligible households, aiming to bring equity between small and large eligible households. The previous top-up took place in May and was followed by two instalments of the economic top-up in June and July to mitigate the impact of COVID-19, bringing the total number of consecutive top-ups to four. This aimed to bring some financial relief to ESSN recipient households during these challenging times. This transfer is the fifth to be made since IFRC took over the ESSN in April in partnership with TRC. The total amount of cash transferred to ESSN recipients since April is 1,587,341,940 TRY.

Download: Emergency Social Safety Net (ESSN) Monthly Report: August 2020

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