The Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement is firmly rooted in communities and has made commitments to be accountable to those it serves. IFRC’s Strategy 2030 proposes an urgent shift of leadership and decision making to the most local level—placing communities at the very centre of change. Even with these commitments and recognition for community engagement and accountability, there is still a gap between rhetoric and reality.

This poster pulls major barriers to implementing community engagement and accountability as well as key actions that are needed to change the way the Movement works as identified in Closing the gap: a strategy to strengthen community engagement and accountability in Africa 2020-2023

This poster offers the five high-level strategic changes and actions that would contribute to stronger accountability to communities in Africa, which include:

  1. Strengthen understanding of and capacity to implement community engagement across the Movement.
  2. Integrate community engagement and accountability into Red Cross Red Crescent ways of working so it becomes a standard approach for all staff and volunteers.
  3. Increase documentation of successes and lessons learned to enhance Movement-wide understanding and ownership of community engagement and accountability.
  4. Increase organizational support and resourcing to institutionalize and implement community engagement and accountability.
  5. Promote a culture of accountability internally among Movement members and externally with communities and partners.

Everyone—across programmes and operations, at all levels in every organization—has a role to play in ensuring the interests of communities are at the centre of decision-making. However, depending on the position and organization, there are specific roles and responsibilities to ensure that the strategic changes are implemented.

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