On December 16-18th the MENA Urban Disaster Risk Reduction & Management workshop was held in Beirut as the last of a regional series of workshop/consultations in 2013.

The workshop was supported by the IFRC Urban DRR/DM programme and the IFRC MENA office to:

  1. To achieve better and deeper understanding of the urban contexts including challenges, opportunities and priorities in MENA for Red Cross and Red Crescent DRR/DM interventions and programmes
  2. To make recommendations on the appropriate approach and methodology through which the MENA NSs can engage effectively in urban DRR/DM
  3. To make recommendations on the cooperation among high risk cities of MENA on urban DRR/DM

Document on FedNet

Download: Building Urban Resilience Workshop Results – Lebanon

Publication date: 16/12/2013

Document status: Final