This Synthesis Report provides an overview of the context within which the North American Humanitarian Response Summit (NAHRS) process will take place, simulated catastrophic disaster response scenarios that can test the collaboration that would been needed amongst the participating entities (American Red Cross, Canadian Red Cross, Mexican Red Cross and their respective government counterparts) during a catastrophic response and an analysis of the existing fora already engaged, or previously recently engaged, in efforts of relevance to NAHRS. A Policy Scan was conducted as part of the NAHRS project (summarized in the main body of the Synthesis Report) to assist in identifying those policy issues most of relevance to this process. The Policy Scan is available as part of the NAHRS project. Recommendations to support the NAHRS project are provided based on all of the available data, related findings and analysis. All combined, the Synthesis Report and Policy Scan are intended to serve as the underpinning documentation and research needed to initiate the NAHRS.

Download: North American Humanitarian Response Summit (NAHRS) Project: Synthesis Report

Publication date: 12/09/2017

Document status: Final