Disasters and Displacement in a Changing Climate: The Role of Asia Pacific National Societies confirms that migration and displacement linked to the adverse effects of climate change will be one of the defining humanitarian challenges of the 21stcentury. The report is designed to enhance the collective understanding of Asia Pacific National Societies, governments across the region and other key stakeholders, including the UN system, NGOs and civil society organisations, on the trends, dynamics and humanitarian needs of people on the move in the context of disasters and climate change. The report builds upon the latest understanding and expertise on human mobility linked to disasters and climate change. The report also builds on relevant International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement policies, guidance and commitments related to climate change, disaster risk management, disaster law, resilience, protection, gender and inclusion (PGI), migration and displacement. The report contains examples of best practices and initiatives by Asia Pacific National Societies, demonstrating the diversity and strength of Red Cross Red Crescent action to address this emerging and critical challenge. The examples capture practices from all parts of the Asia Pacific region – from East Asia, from South Asia, from South East Asia, and from the Pacific.

Download: 2018 IFRC Climate Change Disasters & Displacement Report

Publication date: 12/12/2018

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