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Epidemic preparedness tools and resources
Community-based Surveillance Guiding Principles
IFRC Community-based surveillance Assessment tool
IFRC Community-based surveillance Protocol template
Preparedness for Effective Response (PER)

Preparedness for Effective Response (PER) is a cyclical approach designed to empower National Societies to become more creative and innovative in their disaster management actions, and contribute to the coordination of national and global response systems.

Preparedness for Effective Response (PER) - Considerations for epidemic preparedness
Community Engagement and Accountability Toolkit
Epidemic Control for Volunteers - Toolkit
Community-based Health and First Aid - Guides and Manuals
Zika Response
IFRC Go platform
A guide for media in communicating in health emergencies
Public Awareness and Public Education for Disaster Risk Reduction
Community engagement and accountability (CEA) hub
Business Preparedness Initiative Toolkit

This toolkit enables Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societies to implement or enhance their outreach to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the category of businesses most vulnerable to crises and disasters. Using these tools, RC/RC National Societies can implement outreach programs, deliver workshops, and design marketing campaigns to stimulate SME preparedness with business continuity plans, employment protection, and strengthened supply chains. This toolkit is for Red Cross Red Crescent National Societies interested in establishing partnerships with local SMEs in order to promote and support expanded business preparedness.

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