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How I became a First Aid volunteer in the Philippine Red Cross: Kamal A. Gunawardana’s story

Before moving to the Philippines in 2000 after marrying my beautiful wife, a pharmacist, I was working in the telecommunication industry back in my homeland in Sri Lanka. My wife decided to open up a small pharmacy in front of our house and one morning, while I was looking after the store, drinking tea, I saw a man walk by the store window, wearing the distinct red uniform of the Red Cross emergency response unit.

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From sheep to carpets – what it’s like to work on livelihoods in Syria

“This work involves identifying capabilities, assets and activities for generating income, but it’s about more than money. It’s about independence and dignity. In short, I’m working to support vulnerable Syrians affected by the conflict to get back on their feet.” – Yolanda Davila, IFRC livelihoods delegate in Syria

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