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Mozambique: water brings joy to a village

Martha does not know her real age but appears to be about 80. She can barely move or perform basic tasks, without support. Luckily, she can rely on her granddaughter who helps her to meet her basic daily needs and does errands for her. They live in Nicuita-B, in Namuno District, Cabo Delgado—the northernmost province of Mozambique. A Red Cross team, while conducting a survey on the state of water and sanitation in Nicuita-B village, met Martha and discussed the water situation with her. She said that they did not have running water or latrines: which left them with...

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Meet Zimbabwe’s smart farmers

Eighty farmers were recently trained by the Zimbabwe Red Cross on keyhole farming—an agricultural system in which crops are planted in circular garden beds—with a compost pile in the centre.

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