Photographs by Yen Duong/IFRC

Since the beginning of October, multiple storms and heavy rainfall have caused severe flooding and landslides across central Viet Nam. More than 310,000 homes have been damaged or destroyed, leaving close to 1.2 million people in need of immediate relief.

In a dire forecast for the coming months, livelihoods across these predominantly rural communities have literally been washed away, with thousands of hectares of crops destroyed and valuable farm animals lost.

Viet Nam Red Cross teams have been on the ground, supporting search and rescue efforts and providing critical relief to these hard-hit communities. The IFRC has launched a global emergency appeal for 3.3 million Swiss Francs to fund relief and recovery efforts.

Nguyen Thi Teo, 62, received a relief package from Viet Nam Red Cross after travelling by boat to a distribution point. Like many others, her family has been cut off by floodwaters for more than two weeks, relying on aid packages to survive.


Red Cross volunteers have been reaching out to isolated communities by boat, with roads cut off by flood water. It is estimated that the homes of more than 1 million people have been damaged or destroyed by the floods and landslides.


Nguyen Dang Tinh, the head of Red Cross in Hai Lang district, arrives at Cau Nhi village with much needed food. A lot of relief is being hand-delivered on foot in order to reach victims.


Relief supplies are also being carried along destroyed roads and across makeshift bridges, made impassible to vehicles by the floods, in order to reach isolated communities. Many major roads and access ways are badly damaged and still unaccessible by vehicles to carry relief packages.


After trekking into Huc Commune, Huong Hoa district, Red Cross volunteers distribute food, cooking equipment and tarpaulins.

Huong Hoa is one of the most affect areas in Quang Tri province by heavy floods and landslides. Many houses have been completely destroyed and hundreds of families have been displaced within just a few days.


The scene in many of these small communities is devastating. Ho Van Kang, 80, Ho Thi Nhe, 60, stand on the ruins of their home, which was completely covered by a landslide. The husband and wife had been living here for more than a decade and now have nowhere to go.


The house where Ho Van Suot, 30, lived with seven members of his family was completely destroyed by a landslide. They escaped from the house moments before it was swept away.


Other communities, like Thuy Khe village, are yet to fully assess the damage as heavy rain continues and their land remains covered by floodwater. Residents at Thuy Khe village have been isolated by water as far as 6km, for nearly 5 days due to heavy floods, and lived without electricity and relief aids for several days due to difficult access and long distance.