As Red Cross Red Crescent Volunteers, you play a very important role helping vulnerable communities all over the world. You dedicate precious time and talents to help in projects and programs; before, during, and after disasters strike. Many of these projects or programs are using, or are starting to use, data, to better serve vulnerable communities. Working with data, requires specific skills and knowledge: data literacy skills.

RCRC volunteer

To help RCRC Volunteers develop these data skills as part of your learning journey, the IFRC data literacy team, with support from several reference centers and 510 (an initiative of the Netherlands Red Cross) recently created and launched a new e-learning: Data Literacy Introduction course for Volunteers. The teams hosted a series of consultations with experts on the field of Data Literacy as well as with volunteers and staff from the different regions. This project also had the financial support of American Red Cross, and was under development for a total of sixth months. The content was derived from the IFRC Data Playbook and other Data Literacy materials.

After completion of this course, volunteers will have demonstrated the ability to relate data literacy terminology and methods to the responsible collection, analysis, visualisation and communication of data. The e-learning is a set of 6 modules, focusing on volunteers having no prior knowledge of data. After completing all 6 modules, learners will be able to:

  • Define what data is and how data is different from information;
  • Describe data and how data is managed;
  • Indicate the relevance of working with data without harming people;
  • List several methods for collecting and visualizing data.

The following e-Modules are part of this course:

Module 1: Introduction to Data literacy and Volunteering
Module 2: Data properties, Common files and Data life cycle
Module 3: Data responsibility
Module 4: Data collection
Module 5: Turning data into information
Module 6: Community engagement

You can access the e-learning here.

Should you have any feedback about this e-learning, please let us know at data AT

Wishing you a great learning journey!