How are decisions made in the Red Cross Red Crescent movement? We invite you to share your stories about a decision. This brief interaction may take no more than 5 minutes per story. Each story provides a unique glimpse into the day-to-day activities of our organization, helping describe our work and the context. You are free to add as many stories as you want. The more stories, the more we will learn.

Noun Project Puzzles

Whether you are a volunteer or senior leader, we welcome your stories. Please share these links with colleagues and volunteers in your National Society and local branches.

We seek to better understand the different types of decisions made in the Movement, how they are made, and the challenges decision-makers face. The results of the study will provide a better understanding of the many factors which come into decision-making, whether in the office or in the field.

In English (link).

In Spanish (link)

In French (link)

This link will be active until 22 November 2019. We will share overall insights discussing the findings and providing recommendations by 20 December 2019.


Gabriel, William, Rania and Heather

[Icons credit: Puzzles and Group-by-Robert-Bjurshagen, Noun Project CC By 4.0]