Granny Ana is one of the most beloved characters in the community of Mirador de la Lagunita. Ana, with 94 years, cannot walk by herself anymore and needs the help of her family and neighbors when they visit her. A few days ago Ana lost balance and fell to the floor causing injuries in her knee, ankle and especially in her eye, which she sadly lost.

Upon hearing the news, Idanic and Marylin, volunteers of the Venezuelan Red Cross came to provide her with pre-hospital care and assistance so that the injuries caused by the fall would not get any worst. Anita, spoiled by everyone, only let these two volunteers, who never fail to give her first aid attention, to heal her.

Idanic Álvarez, who has been part of the Venezuelan Red Cross as a volunteer for more than two decades, says that working in communities and caring for people such as Granny Ana, has allowed her to understand the true meaning of solidarity and love for others.

While Granny Ana observes her, Idanic tells us that it is essential to recognize the needs of others and to see herself reflected in them through her humanitarian work, from which she learns every day.

Marylin Marín, rescuer and volunteer for 16 years, is also perioperative nursing professional. Upon her arrival in the community, she immediately treated the wounds of Granny Ana, which are healing little by little, thanks to their care and recommendations. Marylin says that being part of the recovery of Ana, fills her with joy and she feels that sometimes she would like to do more for her. Thanks to their care and the medicines they offered, she is recovering her health. Between jokes and cares comes the time to say goodbye; Granny Ana does it with a kiss and a blessing to Idanic and Marylin, her favorite volunteers.