“I always thought that I would die in Venezuela,” says Lidia, who, at the age of 76, decided to embark on a journey to Peru. She says that in her country she left her house, her animals and her life: “I have osteoporosis and I need my medications, I cannot get them there”. For that reason, and not to further distress the eldest of her two children, Lidia decided to migrate and reunite with her family in the city of Trujillo, in northern Peru.

She is a widow and says she is in good health except for an eventual bone pain that does not allow her to walk for long hours. However, she says that she does not understand how she has gained strength to be able to make the trip that has already lasted for five days.

“Sometimes I think of my husband, he also migrated from Italy and told me stories of his adventure all his life. I wish I could tell him everything that is happening to me!” says Lidia, who travels with her 18-year-old granddaughter, Cecilia.

Cecilia says that her grandmother gets tired a lot, but that she is very brave, a warrior. She also states that “nona”, as her grandchildren call her, must maintain a treatment to control osteoporosis and that her greatest wish is to comply with it, but that they still do not have enough resources to buy her vitamins and calcium.

“Today I feel calmer, I took her to get a medical checkup, I was afraid that they would tell me that she was not well, but the doctor told me she is better than me,” Cecilia laughs. At the health post of the Red Cross they were able to hydrate after a long 8-hour trip from Ecuador, and they also received a hygiene kit.

“I have been told that I can call my son from the Red Cross post,” Lidia says as she unrolls a paper where she keeps the Peruvian telephone number of the youngest of her sons. “My little boy is going to jump with joy when he knows that I am well and that I will soon be with him.”

“Nona” has decided that she will not be defeated: “I have been very depressed but I cannot afford to do nothing, this trip for me is also a test of what I am capable of doing for my family and the most important is that I am going to leave the name of the Venezuelan women high, we do not surrender, even at 76 years.”