The Syrian Arab Red Crescent has delivered life saving aid to 50,000 people stranded at the Ar-Rukban Camp as part of joint aid convoy with United Nations.

  • 78 trucks are delivering 10,475 food parcels and flour bags, clothes for 18,000 children, 10,075 hygiene kits and plastic sheets, newborn baby kits for 1,200 children, medicines, medical supplies and nutritional supplements for children and women.

“Delivery of food and non-food assistance is a huge positive step for the people there, and SARC will spare no efforts to fulfil its humanitarian mandate to help the affected Syrians,” said Eng.Khaled Hboubati, President of SARC.

Thousands of Syrians in the camp are suffering from severe lack of food, medical services are virtually do not exist, there is lack of access to safe drinking water, sanitary installations and adequate housing.

The Red Crescent has repeatedly called upon the involved parties to provide adequate guarantees to ensure the safe passage for volunteers and staff to be able to assess the humanitarian situation which has now been granted.