The IFRC’s Eastern Africa Cluster Operations Unit held a 3-day Disaster Management meeting in Kampala, Uganda. The meeting is being attended by National Societies from East Africa as well as the Indian Ocean Islands, International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC), the French Red Cross’ Indian Ocean Regional Intervention Platform (PIROI) and several other National Societies. The focus of this year’s meeting was on Preparedness, Information Management, Green Response and Migration.

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The IFRC through this meeting is encouraging collaboration and coordination between movement partners to ensure sharing of experiences, lessons and most importantly standardization of approaches especially in institutional preparedness. The Preparedness for Effective Response (PER) framework was introduced to the participants with Uganda Red Cross reflecting on their experience using PER to assess their capacities.

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Data Preparedness and Information Management (IM) were also a major focus of the meeting with good examples of data preparedness and low-cost options for data preparedness and IM being shared. Participants were also updated on the progress on the surge optimization. The key outcomes of the meeting will be a Preparedness Strategy for the Eastern Africa Cluster and a Preparedness Working Group for East Africa and Indian Ocean Islands.


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[Blog post and Photo Credits: Marshal Mukuvare, Disaster Management Delegate, Eastern Africa Country Cluster Support Team with support from Mununuri Musori, Senior Officer, Information Management, Planning and Reporting, IFRC, and artistry by Musinguzi Richard. ]