Our Data Playbook (beta) project is co-created and piloted by 100s of contributors across the IFRC Secretariat, Regional Offices, National Societies and our partners. We’ve collected content that is collaborative, useful, informative and remixable and is easy to use for Lunch and Learns, 30 Minutes to 1 hour sessions or integrated into existing sector training programs.

The Data Playbook (Beta) project is live!

“Today’s session presented some exciting discussion, and it was great to have engagement with staff across all International Organization departments and throughout our domestic and corporate operations. In total we had 30 between those in the room and those online. The team will use the data playbook to pilot lunch and learn sessions.” – Laura Avelino, IM Officer, Canadian Red Cross

Rather than design content from scratch, we wanted to honor the hard-work and expertise that has already gone into developing materials for data literacy.  By taking a ‘for us, by us’ approach, we hope the content is more useful to our humanitarian colleagues. We also hope that this will help drive a ‘pick it up, use it and improve it’ approach that will ultimately mean even more valuable content in the future.

For the beta version, we have solicited submission of content from across the sectors, regional and national offices of the Red Cross Red Crescent.  We held a week-long sprint in the Geneva Offices to get input into how the content should be organised and identify key content that was missing.  As we built the modules, a team of volunteers who reviewed all of the content and gave us important feedback. We also looked to incorporate the experience of early adopters who helped us field test both new and existing content in their own workshops. This “book sprint” style effort of human-centered design for the Data Playbook beta project was very much a new concept for participants. Early on in the project we decided to work radically in the open always checking for feedback and sharing back the latest details in an iterative manner.

IFRC Data Playbook Consultation meetings 2

Through the co-creation process we were able to compile over 65 pieces of content, that includes:

Exercises: Short, discrete social learning experiences

Session Plans: Longer social learning experiences

Checklists: For documentation of essential elements of the learning experience,

Slidedecks: Distilled information for use as standalone or parts of presentations.

Handouts: Distilled information for use post-training.

We’ve organised this content into 9 modules:

Each module contains a sample recipe utilizing content ingredients that will help you achieve a learning goal. They also include suggested next steps with links to relevant modules and further reading.

Feedback welcome. We aim to incorporate changes as we plan for Version 1 of the Data Playbook. Also, if you are engaged in a co-creation process or are considering running one, get in touch.

Blog post co-edited by Dirk Slater (Fabriders) Heather Leson (IFRC) and Margarita Griffith (IFRC).

Photo credits: Heather Leson, March 2018 CCBY.