The Mexican Red Cross is ready to offer humanitarian assistance, should migrants who participate in the caravan to the north of Mexico enter the country. More than 50 volunteers are in Tapachula, Chiapas, to provide humanitarian assistance.

The volunters of the institution will work with this vulnerable group applying its principles of Humanity, Impartiality and Neutrality with the sole objective of alleviating the suffering of people.

The institution will support the delivery of humanitarian aid to meet the needs of migrants and will place their mobile clinic to provide basic prehospital care such as sprains, intestinal problems, respiratory tract infections, among other services.

The migrants will also have the support of five ambulances of the Mexican Red Cross to intervene in case of a major emergency, which merits the transfer of a patient to the nearest hospital or medical center for their care.

In addition, seven volunteers will offer the service of Restoring Family Links, with the aim that the migrants who have lost communication with their loved ones in their place of origin, can re-establish it and with this, keep them informed on the place in which they are.

It should be remembered that in most cases during the trajectory of this vulnerable group to the country of destination, many of them lose contact with their families for weeks or even months, which causes uncertainty and anxiety among their acquaintances, so this program means a humanitarian support.

The Mexican Red Cross will followup on the journey of the Migrant Caravan through Mexican territory, state delegations of the institution, are working to implement the logistics of support to migrants, with the aim of covering their needs for humanitarian assistance.