Hygiene kit and mats are part of the aid distributed by the Salvadorean Red Cross (SRC) to 236 families affected by the rains in Sonsonate, San Miguel and La Union.

According to the SRC volunteers who delivered the aid, the hygiene kit contains basic cleaning supplies for the members of each family. In addition, 321 mattresses with blankets were delivered to those affected.

In total the Red Cross benefited 640 people housed between the Santa Fidelina School Center, El Tecomatal community and a shelter installed in a church in San Miguel; in La Unión the aid was distributed in the community of La Chilanguera Conchagua and also benefited people housed in the school El Amatal, Metalío, Sonsonate.

In Sonsonate, the Red Cross conducted monitoring and damage assessment in the communities of Barra Salada, El Amatal, Barra de Santiago, Garita Palmera, Vista Hermosa and Acajutla.

Salvadorean Red Cross is also active with more than 2,500 volunteers in the 60 national branches nationwide with 34 emergency vehicles.