Salvadoran Red Cross, Sonsonate branch, activated more than 20 rescuers and Volunteer Lifeguard members due to the climatic situation that has arisen in the last days in western El Salvador.

In the face of constant rains and the declaration of a yellow alert decreed by the National Civil Protection System, the Salvadoran Red Cross of Sonsonate mobilized the volunteers to the areas considered high risk due to floods and landslides.

The Red Cross called on people to address the recommendations provided by the authorities and the Red Cross in order to raise awareness to evacuate, however some families refused and still remain in their homes.

In the community of Las Delicias del Amatal, canton Metalío, 20 people were evacuated and were housed in the School Center of Amatal with the purpose of avoiding the risks in view of the saturation of water in the soil, becoming unstable.

Salvadorean Red Cross continues on alert and monitoring communities that are most vulnerable, such as the lower part of the coastal zone, as well as the banks of rivers and lakes; with the firm purpose of safeguarding the life of the population.