The Saint Lucia Red Cross is providing emergency relief to families affected by the passage of Tropical Storm Kirk. Volunteers and staff were on high alert to respond to Tropical Storm Kirk which impacted the island on the evening of September 27th, 2018. The system which caused damage in communities around the island was accompanied by heavy wind and thunderstorm. Electrical outages and interruptions to communication systems were also widespread.

Prior to the onset of the system, volunteers and staff were encouraged to activate their family disaster plans. The communique to volunteers and staff also encouraged individuals to ensure the safety of themselves and their families before reporting to their community Red Cross units or the Saint Lucia Red Cross Headquarters.

Following the all-clear which was issued at about 11:00am, on Friday 28th, volunteers and staff of the organisation conducted community rapid assessments to determine damages and immediate needs of those affected by Tropical Storm Kirk. The major concern from the assessments were damaged roofs. The Saint Lucia Red Cross responded with the distribution of non-food items to those affected and in need. These include blankets, tarpaulins and cleaning kits.

Hubert Pierre, President of the Saint Lucia Red Cross indicated that assessments will continue as reports of damage continue to reach the office. According to Mr Pierre, “we will continue to conduct assessments and to respond accordingly.”

Under the National Disaster Plan, the St Lucia Red Cross has a mandate to provide assistance during the first 72 hours following a disaster.