Mexican Red Cross sent 30 tons of aid humanitarian aid for the state of Sinaloa in support of the people affected due to heavy rains. With this delivery, the Mexican Red Cross will benefit more than 8 thousand people.

A trailer of the institution, with 2 thousand pantries, donated by the Walmart Foundation, will leave the National Collection Center of the Mexican Red Cross, located in the City of  Toluca, State of Mexico, with destination to Culiacan, Sinaloa.

Around 70 Youth volunteers from the Sinaloa branch of the Mexican Red Cross support the people in the shelters located in El Fuerte, Guamuchil and Los Mochis; delivering water, canned food, mosquito repellents, offering guidance for health and care and recreational activities for children including painting and drawing workshop and a “Funda de Almohada” workshop, an activity that teaches children how to responds to disasters. More that 1,100 people have been benefited with this activities in the shelters.

The Mexican Red Cross keeps monitoring the weather conditions in the state of Sinaloa and is on alert to be able to decide whether to open more collection centers in other states of the country. Only in the state of Sinaloa, in kind donations will be received.

Once the rainfall decreases, volunteers from the institution will begin to work on the damage assessment to determine the type and amount of humanitarian aid that will be moved to the most affected areas.

The Mexican Red Cross is calling on society to follow the indications of Federal Civil Protection and the State of Sonora, with the objective of reducing risks and avoiding accidents that put people’s lives at risk.