The people of Lombok have endured a further two strong earthquakes and hundreds of aftershocks that have caused further deaths and damage across the Indonesian island.
A shallow 6.3 earthquake rocked the island on 19 August at noon local time, and was followed by a shallow 6.9 at 11pm that day. The full extent of the new disasters is still being assessed, but officials said that ten people were killed, 24 have been wounded, and at least 150 homes have been damaged.

The earthquakes were felt across Lombok and on neighbouring islands, and cut off the electricity in many parts of the island. The island’s communities are still reeling from three major earthquakes or aftershocks on 29 July, 5 August and 9 August. More than 460 people have been killed, thousands injured and up to 417,000 lost their homes and belongings. The continuous strong and unpredictable aftershocks are preventing people from beginning to rebuild their lives and return to some sense of normalcy.

Indonesian Red Cross volunteers and staff have been active across the island since the first earthquake. Teams are providing critical aid including tarpaulins and shelter materials, blankets, clean drinking water, health care and referrals, hygiene kits and psychosocial support. Emergency teams also continue to reach remote villages in mountainous areas that have been isolated since the first disaster.