Thousands of people circulate daily in Colombia either in transit and/or with the intention to stay. As the population on the move has increased, there has been a corresponding escalation in humanitarian needs, such as access to health services (medicines), access to food and protection. The Colombian Red Cross is carrying out different humanitarian actions in response to the situation. These actions have been done through its local branches in the border zone; as well as in the host cities that receive the migrant population, supporting people through health care, water distributions and hygiene promotion, restoring family links, distribution of food, in addition to humanitarian assistance and early recovery of livelihoods.

Every day thousands of migrants enter Colombia in the hope of changing their lives. Crossing the border at La Guajira is not easy, it is a desert area and many have walked long distances before reaching the border.

Passing through the border of La Guajira in Colombia is not easy for the thousands of migrants who cross it every day. Many cross by foot, while others find some form of transportation once they cross the border, but these transports are not always the most suitable for people’s safety.

To give support to the population, Colombian Red Cross has more than 27,000 active volunteers living and working in communities across the country who are prepared to respond to this situation.

The Colombian Red Cross has set up a first aid station in Paraguachón, in the Colombian Guajira, where it offers first aid, water and the possibility of restoring family links.