Wounded and traumatised survivors of a volcanic eruption in Guatemala are being rushed to hospital by the Red Cross. At least 25 people died when the Fuego volcano, which lies 40km south-west of the capital Guatemala City, began its eruption on Sunday 3 June.

The eruption sent deadly pyroclastic flows and ash across a 15-kilometre radius. As many as 1.7 million people may be affected.

Emergency response teams from the Guatemala Red Cross are giving medical and psychosocial support to survivors, and ambulances from three Red Cross branches have been deployed to take wounded people to hospitals in the capital.

Urgent work continues to evacuate communities from the danger zone – some 3,100 people had been moved to safety by Monday morning, and further evacuations are planned.

The Red Cross has opened a collection centre in Guatemala City to receive donations, and will also operate Restoring Family Links and blood services.