By Osman Mohamed Osman IFRC

Across the world, Red Cross continuous to meet humanitarian needs affecting vulnerable people. Volunteers in Africa play a vital role in meeting these needs. In Somalia, Samira Mohammed sleeps in dangerous areas with her Red Crescent colleagues to reach people who would not otherwise have health care in remote areas. Leonard Nkone, a Botswana Red Cross volunteer says he does just his time but quality time. In South Sudan, Madelena Kamsur Babur a South Sudan Red Cross, who is was forced out of her home because of conflict, gives first aid services in her rural village.

As the world observes Good Deeds Day today, we celebrate volunteers like Samira, Nkone and Babur who continue to give out their time to make communities feel good.

Midwife, Samira, tends to a mother in a Red Crescent mobile clinic in Somaliland (Photo: IFRC/Corrie Butler)

Midwives like Samira Mohamed Ali are vital to tackle the alarming maternal mortality rates and malnutrition cases among women and children. Every day, she ventures out with a Somali Red Crescent mobile clinic to remote communities that would not otherwise see health care to help mothers and mothers-to-be stay healthy and strong. “We stay overnight in many of these areas because it takes so long to reach them. Just last night, I woke up and saw the tracks of a snake next to my bed. But it’s all worth it to be able to help my community,” says Samira.

Leornard Nkone with the Botswana Red Cross (Photo: Botswana Red Cross)

“The reason why I volunteer for the Red Cross is because I wanted to give back to an organization that has made a positive impact in the lives of people in my country. I was particularly eager to apply the fundamental principles which are centred around the desire to help those who are less privileged, the voiceless and aiding without discrimination,” says Leonard Nkone, a Botswana Red Cross volunteer.

Madelena Kamsur, a South Sudan Red Cross volunteer in Wau. (Photo: IFRC/Corrie Butler)

“I am always ready for the call to respond because the Red Cross represents humanity to me,” says Madelena who fled her own community to seek safety in the Red Cross compound after conflict erupted in Wau in June 2016.