My name’s Lolita. I was born in the town of Enakievo, Donetsk region. It was the place where I lived and studied with my family. I would have never thought I could leave my native town due to the war. The last eight months before my departure from Enakievo left a trace of sadness in my memory. Permanent shelling, hiding in basement rooms, distance learning
from time to time, constant fear and hope that everything would come to an end soon and peace would reign in my town at last. But the conflict did not stop and we, like the majority of families, have left our flat bringing with us just a few bags.

In February 2015, I moved from the area of the armed conflict with my parents to the town of Pavlograd, Dniepropetrovskiy region. Initially, my family rented housing, and a little later, we moved to a module town in Pavlograd. Now we live in a house designed for four families, and I study at Pavlograd secondary school of level І-ІІІ No.19 in 11-B form, being the A-student. I have been living in the town of Pavlograd for two years having left the area of the armed conflict. The environment and attitude to the internally displaced persons dwelling in this town is different. Some people feel compassion, while others, on the contrary, give negative remarks discriminating such persons as me.

Initially, I studied at form 11-А of secondary school No.19, due to disagreement with my classmates, I could not get across to them, so I had to form 11-B. I speak about this, because the internally displaced teenagers also encounter the problem of being resented by the surrounding persons. My story is, unfortunately, an illustrative example. Last year, in autumn, the Red Cross gathered youngsters from the internally displaced persons to take part in a youth project. I had no idea what it was going to be, but as I was anxious to get new friends and the circle of my kind, which I had had no longer because the contact was lost due to the developments in the country, I made up my mind to go to that meeting. It was there that I met a volunteer Julia who got me very interested in becoming a participant in the Red Cross youth project.

Since that time I have attended six trainings based on the method “Youth as Agents of Behavioral Change” which were held in my new town. I participated in the following trainings: non-violence communication, critical thinking, active listening, prevention of discrimination, social integration, and empathy. I liked it very much, and revealed intention to learn this art, to be able to manage different situations which are used clearly in the trainings.

My opinion is, these trainings are of great benefit to those who attend them. As for me, I started to have a different vision of my life, became more generous, started being compassionate, though I am only 16. I could not even imagine such positive changes are possible in my life. Due to this I learned how to deal with my negative emotions, understand that everything begins with myself. Thanks to the project, I was also able to find new friends and like-minded persons. Now I am getting ready for the entrance exams to one of the Kharkiv Universities. But now I am ready for any changes, especially that the Red Cross is one big family where all people are friendly. I know for sure, no matter where I would live, I will always come to this organization, as it precisely ensured the possibility for me to look at everything positively and not being guided by negative emotions.