Shwe Ein San, 36, is a Livelihoods Field Officer for the Myanmar Red Cross Society, based in the town of Sittwe, the capital of Myanmar’s troubled Rakhine state.

As part of a Red Cross programme helping communities impacted by flooding, cyclical violence and population movement in Rakhine, Shwe has been coordinating cash grant distributions and training in villages around Sittwe.

“I’ve been working for the Myanmar Red Cross  for two-and-a-half years – I go to communities and talk to them about what the Red Cross is doing and I also help mobilize the volunteers. We help implement activities and also monitor them. At the moment our focus is on the livelihoods work and some first aid training to volunteers and community members.

Using the Village Capacity Assessment tool we assess the villages, we form committees to work through and coordinate with the volunteers.

We aim to have one volunteer for every ten households in a village. We currently work across four sectors: health, livelihoods, Disaster Risk Reduction, and Water and Sanitation. This year we have been implementing mostly for livelihoods through cash grants and some training.

This year has been very tough to implement our work because so much has been happening in Rhakine,  it makes our work so much harder.”