The Colombian Red Cross Guajira branch has worked in more than 110 indigenous communities, contributing to the improvement of the quality of life of families through the different projects in execution in the upper area of ​​the Department.

One of these projects is “Emergency assistance in health and water, to the communities affected by the drought in the rural communities of the municipalities of Manaure and Uribia”, financed by the German Red Cross and the Colombian Red Cross. With this project, the conditions of access to drinking water were improved and good hygiene practices were strengthened, benefiting some 5,078 people in this first phase of the intervention.

Also, through the project “Strengthening resilience in rural communities of the department of La Guajira and strengthening capacities in disaster management and risk reduction”, also financed by the German Red Cross, benefited 9,852 people.

Likewise, the intervention “Building safer and more resilient communities in Alta Guajira”, sponsored by the American Red Cross, contributed to the increase of the knowledge and the organizational capacity of the communities, to change in attitudes and improvement of the practices in the face of the challenges of the communities, to the disaster risk reduction and response, water, sanitation and hygiene. This project had a positive impact on 8,030 people from the communities of Nazareth, Puerto Estrella, La Union, Bahía Hondita and Paraíso.

At the same time, comprehensive water management was carried out for Wayuu indigenous people and their families, from the Oulechi and Porujali communities in Siapana, municipality of Uribía. The objectives was to reduce the vulnerability of the Wayuu of these communities to the hydro meteorological and extreme hydro climatic phenomena, and in this way improve the conditions of access, supply, quality and time of transport of water, decreasing the levels of diseases related to water consumption and inadequate hygiene practices, in the communities. A total of 1,057 people were benefited with this project, funded by the Bancolombia group and the company Honda de Mar.

In the communities of Taroa, Bahia Hondita and Punta Gallina, the Colombian Red Cross reached 1,988 people, helping to improve the health problems presented by these communities in vulnerable situation.

Currently, the project “Mitigation of the humanitarian consequences associated with the El Niño phenomenon and other climate variability in the department of La Guajira”, financed by the German Red Cross and the Colombian Red Cross its been executed. The proyect seeks to improve the supply of safe water, the application of hygiene practices and the protection of the livelihoods of indigenous population in the municipalities of Manaure and Uribia, through four lines of work: water and sanitation, health and hygiene, community management and demonstrative agricultural models, benefiting 4,800 people directly and 9,700 people indirectly.

Since December 16 an agreement was signed between the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare (ICBF) Regional La Guajira and the Colombian Red Cross, whose purpose is to provide an initial education service within the framework of comprehensive care pregnant women and children under 5 years old.

With all these actions, the Colombian Red Cross seeks to fulfill its institutional mission of preventing and alleviating human suffering, installing knowledge and generating communities that are less vulnerable, more resilient and with greater capacity to respond to emergencies.