Rosco, Anónymuz and Kurt started 2018 with a good paw… Yes, a paw, because the three are dogs specialized in search and rescue of the Canine Rescue Unit K – SAR of the Costa Rican Red Cross and this week they obtained the international certification that will allow them to continue saving lives outside the borders of Costa Rica.

During two days, the three canines had to face hard evaluations to prove, together with their human companions, their abilities for search, discards, marking, obedience and control. “The dynamics for the evaluation consisted in hiding ‘victims’ and then the canines were sent to locate them. It should be noted that neither the guides nor the dogs know where the ‘victims’ are or how many they are,” says Angel Rodríguez, instructor and evaluator from the Panamanian Red Cross, in charge of certifying the dogs.

Rosco, Anónymuz and Kurt have been training rigorously for more than a year and a half and doing practices that allow them to participate as part of the international search and rescue teams along with other dogs from different countries and that in times of emergency become true heroes.

Diversity of technology

Although there is a diversity of technology to locate people under rubble, so far nothing has been able to overcome the efficiency and speed with which the nose of a canine does it, that is why the work done by the K-SAR Units of the National Societies of the Red Cross in the Americas is so important.

Our dog friends were certified in a binomial with their human companions Alvin Villalá, Wagner Leiva and Carlos Bolaños. The certification obtained empowers them to participate in actions of Search and Rescue of human lives in rubble, collapsed structures, landslides or victims in open fields due to accidents or natural disasters at the International level.

With information from the Costa Rican Red Cross