By Nora Peter, IFRC

The Hungarian Red Cross has teamed up with broadcasters of cult TV show The Walking Dead to entice fans of the series to donate blood.

More than 1,800 people rolled up their sleeves at 18 The Walking Dead Blood Stores across Hungary and in return walked away with show merchandise. And if the undead visitors managed to spread the urge to donate blood to friends or loved ones, they could pick up more zombie-themed goodies from FOX Channel and Telekom.

The Red Cross’s János Major said: “The donations provided support for 5,400 people in need of blood in the country. The campaign saw our registrations double, with one in three people being new donors – a great success.”

The Walking Dead, which first aired in 2010, is a US TV drama that charts the bid for survival of a group of residents in the wake of a zombie apocalypse.