Photos by: Pakistan Red Crescent Society

In the last few months, Pakistan has seen a rise in dengue cases, with over 166,000 cases reported nationwide, and 395 deaths, making this the worst dengue epidemic in the country’s history. In Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa alone, 24,800 people were tested positive for dengue, which also killed 70 others.

In response to this outbreak, the Pakistan Red Crescent Society’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa branch is ramping up awareness campaigns and have set up 137 health camps to provide consultancy and screening for dengue patients.

An estimated 554,400 people have been reached through these interventions. The Red Crescent visited over 37,800 households with information on how to prevent dengue and to distribute dengue kits and 4,000 mosquito nets.

These awareness campaigns were extended to educational institutes and communities in 14 districts. Over 3,390 seminar sessions were held in educational institutes to help communities understand the dangers of dengue and how to clean mosquito breeding sites.

Around 146,500 brochures containing information about dengue were distributed during these sessions. Red Crescent volunteers also distributed them in markets, shops and at traffic lights to passing motorists.

The infographic below highlights the main numbers and Pakistan Red Crescent’s response to date.

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