The Central American region is been affected by strong winds and torrential rains caused by the passage of Tropical Storm Nate. The six countries of Central America and Colombia are in state of national alert by the floods. The Tropical Storm Nate, located in the Caribbean Sea, has hit Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Honduras in the last few hours, where it has left multiple families affected, several people killed, injured and some others disappeared due to river overflows and landslides among other recorded incidents.

Early forecasts suggest that Nate will strengthen as it approaches the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico and become a Category 1 hurricane when it lands on Saturday or Sunday along the Gulf Coast, according to a report by the National Hurricane Center.

Governments have declared alerts and states of emergency to deal with this situation and provide timely assistance to affected families; and in coordination with its risk management and emergency assistance entities, carry out monitoring, public information, damage assessment, basic assistance, among other actions.


The Red Cross is activated throughout the region

The Costa Rican Red Cross requested its 121 auxiliary committees throughout the country to activate all institutional response mechanisms to address the needs of communities affected by heavy rains and floods in several areas of the country.

“All our structures and committees must make an assessment of the resources to prepare and strengthen our response actions in communities that are affected and require our attention. We have requested the activation of our Emergency Coordination Centers (CCOs) in all regions of the country, “said Dr. Edgardo Acosta, National Director of Risk Management and Emergency Response of Costa Rican Red Cross.

The Nicaraguan Red Cross (CRN) has activated its Emergency Operations Centers (COE) and has 500 volunteers already deployed throughout the country to assist the population affected by the floods occurred due to the passage of tropical storm Nate on the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua, a phenomenon that keeps the country in a yellow alert. They are also in constant communication with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) to activate, if necessary, international aid and cooperation mechanisms.

In addition, the Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras Red Cross are on national yellow alert and are carrying out preparatory actions before the rains and possible floods in the coming days.

“We have monitored Nate since the beginning, our regional teams, despite serving the countries affected by the passage of hurricanes Irma and Maria, are ready. We have activated the entire regional network to provide the support required by National Societies affected by Nate. This network that reaches from Canada to Argentina is committed, prepared and alert to respond to the request of our Red Crosses of Central America”, said Walter Cotte, Americas Regional Director of the IFRC.